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Purchasing Semen Online

HU Sheikh Imaan and AZ Chromium's cooled and frozen are excellent in quality. Over the years, some veterinarians have taken the time to call to report that it is among the best they have seen during their practice. It is reassuring to mare owners to know that they are breeding their mares to extremely fertile stallions.

Changes to your selections can always be made if necessary as your breed date approaches. We will be automatically notified of your purchase and from there, we will be in direct contact with you every step along the way to arrange your shipment. Whether you are world renowned breeders or planning your very first foal, it is always our goal to provide you with a great experience in bringing precious new foals into your life.

Our online Purchase Semen System simply provides mare owners with an IMMEDIATE GUARANTEE that they will be receiving their desired number of breeding doses for the current or upcoming breeding season. Please read the applicable cooled semen or frozen semen breeding contract for more information about semen purchases.

Due to their popularity, Sheikh and Chromium's cooled semen has been known to sell out early in the year. Frozen semen is available all year. Having frozen semen within your possession before the breed season arrives, can offer a peace of mind for your breeding plans.

You will be purchasing semen that will be shipped during the current breeding season. This will be the year listed on your contract next to your signature or the upcoming season if you sign your contract during the off season. Cooled semen needs to be ordered during the contract year from which it was purchased. Frozen semen will be shipped during the contract year as well; however, you may store it for any length of time before breeding your mare.

If you wish to pay only the booking fee at this time or any other itemized amount, simply click on the applicable fee amount below. You may CHOOSE YOUR OWN DEPOSIT AMOUNT and Sign In to your account anytime.

If you plan to PURCHASE SEMEN from BOTH STALLIONS, make your selections below for the first stallion, CALCULATE AMOUNT (located below the gold fee boxes), then repeat the steps for the second stallion. You will be able to purchase both orders together

Our website is under construction. If you book a breeding to AZ Chromium and the name AZ Shai Amaan pops up, do not worry, we know that your booking is to AZ Chromium. The payment page remains secure.

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