Azpin Arabians is located near Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

We Specialize in Breeding High Quality


Cooled and Frozen Semen

International Sales

Sales prices $5,000 - $85,000 USD

Discounts when two or more horses are acquired together. 


We love animals and all of nature. Horses are our innate passion and each day is centered around their care and well-being.

We have been breeders of high quality Arabians since 1989 and we have been exporting horses since the early 1990’s. 

We are present for each birth and our foals are handled daily with consistency and loving care.

Like their wild ancestors, our foals grow up in a natural mixed herd environment, sharing their pastures with their dam, other pregnant mares, their older and younger siblings and often with their sire as well. 

Each herd mate and family member play an important role for each stage of development, insuring a well-balanced, great foundation in life, both physically and mentally.

They are provided with outstanding nutrition and high quality veterinary care.

They are raised in large pastures with plenty of room to run and develop. 

Our horses have confidence and lots of experience for their age.

Each of our foals accompany their dams on trail rides or trail walks and sometimes they go on camping trips with us as well, in the vast mountains or deserts of Western USA. 

Each of our foals have been led, tied, trailered, clipped, bathed, vaccinated, de-wormed, hooves trimmed, received lots of love and are the center of every day life on the farm.  

Every horse on our farm has an outstanding temperament.

They have the ideal balance of being easy to work with for the day to day activities but when they run around freely in their pastures or when they enter a show ring, their eye catching chrisima really comes to life. 

The horses that are in our breeding program have been selected for a multitude of qualities and temperament is of high importance for us.

Our horses are as friendly as could be, seeking out human companionship whenever possible.

They are smart, affectionate, entertaining, adaptable and patient. They desire to learn and are eager to please.  Activities with them are nearly always easy and hassle free, even with the youngsters who are learning specific activities for the first time.  

It is our dream that each foal will go on to have a wonderful life. That they will be loved, cared for and admired for their intelligence and curiosity, their elegant charisma, their kind and gentle dispositions, their steady desire to please, their genuine love for humans and the way they seem to touch our soul every single day.

Black Straight Egyptians

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA